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Working from your cottage or watching netflix and struggling with slow or unreliable WiFi?

Our expert team can solve your WiFi issues.

✅ Boost your WiFi Speed          ✅ Get 5 bars everywhere

✅ Reliable WiFi 24/7        ✅ Stream in HD+ without interruptions

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COVID-19 Update

Please call us at (705) 645-4990 for the most update to date information.

We are currently offering delivery, curbside pickup, as well as home installations and upgrades. For product sales and current promotions, please contact us by phone or by email using the contact form below.

Antique Rugs Now Available

Not only do antique rugs look beautiful, they also absorb sound providing less echo and reverberation than wood or tile, meaning that you will hear your audio more clearly than you would with other flooring types, so you can fully enjoy your audio system.

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